The world's first physical and cyber converged proactive threat management platform that mitigates risks through contextualised data.


Intelligence-led, deep learning (DL)-based decision-making through actionable strategic data.

  • Proactively manage threats to your organisation with our unique converged cyber and physical data threat intelligence platform for high-value performance that brings measurable business value.

  • Adaptable to changes in legislation, including under pt 2A of the Security of Critical Infrastructure Act 2018 (Cth) (SOCI Act) in Australia.

  • Provides an all-hazards approach to risk management (including SOCI’s CIRMP), ensuring comprehensive coverage for all types of threats that help your organisation to detect and reasonably prevent threats, not just monitor after the fact.

  • Contextualizes data from your organization’s input sources to proactively address potential threats using advanced insights, with a user-friendly interface for easy threat analysis and management.

Use Cases


Open Architecture

Modular architecture integrable across public and private sector applications.

Responsible AI

Human-centric, ethically implemented AI that empowers the human.

Multi-cloud Implementation

Multi-cloud distributed processing for availability and reliability.


Regionalised data streams and storage in accordance with relevant compliance and regulation.

Human Centric

Human-centric design focused on simplicity, usability, and effectiveness.

Multi-industry application

Practical applicability across industries and sectors