Armatec Global's Stand Against Modern Slavery


Modern Slavery Statement

At Armatec Global, our stance against all forms of modern slavery and human trafficking is unambiguous and resolute. Our commitment towards ethical business conduct, safeguarding human rights, and cultivating a safe, inclusive environment extends across every dimension of our operations, supply chains, and business partnerships.

In alignment with our Australian roots, we adhere to the obligations outlined in the United Nations Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime and its Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children, to which Australia is a party. We also rigorously comply with Australia’s Commonwealth Modern Slavery Act 2018 and the New South Wales Modern Slavery Act 2018.

Our responsibility to combat modern slavery—a broad term encompassing forced labour, child labour, and human trafficking—is not merely legal; it is profoundly ethical. Our core values compel us to ensure that each individual contributing to our success is treated with the dignity, respect, and fairness they inherently deserve.

To mitigate risks associated with modern slavery within our business and supply chains, we have established strict protocols. These include comprehensive due diligence processes, rigorous auditing, and ongoing reassessment of our policies and procedures.

We regularly educate our employees and business partners about the indicators of modern slavery and encourage them to report any concerns without fear of reprisal. We strictly enforce a zero-tolerance policy towards retaliation for reporting suspected instances of modern slavery.

This statement is a testament to our compliance with international treaties and domestic laws concerning modern slavery. More importantly, it signifies our steadfast commitment to a world devoid of modern slavery. As the nuances of this global issue evolve, we will continue to refine our practices accordingly.