Advisory Board

John Laycock, APM

Advisor - Australia

John Laycock, Australian Police Medal (APM), is a 37-year police veteran serving as the Assistant Police Commissioner for the NSW Police Force. During his tenure as Assistant Police Commissioner, he was the Region Commander responsible for all facets of policing over a large geographic area. He was a policing consultant for the Homicide Victims Support Group (Australia) Inc liaising with over three thousand family members in respect of murder investigations and NSW Police Force. He initiated formal approval and implementation of the Unsolved Homicide Unit in NSW to deal with over six hundred outstanding murders over forty years. For twenty years, he lectured Detective courses and Homicide courses in NSW on quality briefs and victims support issues.

As an expert in criminal investigations at the executive command level, he is a policing consultant for the private sector providing expert evidence in analysing crime statistics in NSW as well as policing responsibilities for licensed premises.

With an extensive network in policing and victim support networks as well as government agencies, he is a current statutory member of the Mental Health Review Tribunal and a current practising criminal lawyer.

He received his education in law from the University of Sydney and was admitted to the Supreme Court of NSW in 1983 as a barrister.